Furbilicious Kebabs are changing the game forever


We have all had our own Kebab Story, more often than not it’s been a late-night adventure and ended up with you dining out in the taxi line at some ridiculous hour.
That exact activity has often coloured many people’s perceptions of Kebabs and when they should be enjoyed, and you’ve never really savoured it like you should.

The team behind Furbilicious Kebabs have flipped this tradition on its head, bringing the kebab back to the streets and reminding us it’s an anytime kind of food.

The guys are a fun-loving crew and proud members of their local community, creating little hubs at their Furbilicious Locations for customers and locals to enjoy.
Frequently hosting events, car meets with a side of cheeky banter and a main course of great food and good times.
Living also by the motto “Keep Calm and Eat Kebabs” with the Furbi 101 rule “never trust a skinny chef” enforced.

They spend a lot of time interacting with their customers and the community and have created a collection of raving Furbi fans. Still, they hope you’ll come in and see what’s it all about and share their love of food and fun and see the passion for delivering food to people exactly how they have it themselves.

You can get your hands on a Furbilicious Kebab or HSP, by visiting them in-store at Southport or Pimpama. Or alternatively jumping on Uber Eats and Deliveroo or better yet using their very own app on iPhone and Android, that comes with some fantastic deals and discounts.

Speaking of deals and discounts, the crew always have some great offers including Cheap Tuesdays with all large MegaPacks going for $10.
Followed by Cheap Thursday’s special large Cevapi for $10.

So if you’re looking for something fun to do or got a hunger craving that only a MegaPack can satisfy head on in and see the guys at Furbilicious Kebabs.
Or follow them on Facebook or Instagram and attend their next meetup or grab the best deals on offer.

Furbilicious Kebabs located at

Mercato on Ferry
59 Meron street
Southport, Gold Coast, Queensland

Go-Zone Exit 49 Pimpama
5 Attenborough blvd
Pimpama, Gold Coast, Queensland

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