Usain Bolt talking on the Gold Coast about what’s next.


Multiple Olympic, World Athletics champion and 100m, 200m world record holder Usain Bolt talked with media today on the Gold Coast.

The Jamiacan Superstar talked about what it’s like being an inspiration to many athletes and the journey so far..

“I am from the rural area of Jamaica, from the country. I used to play football in the streets with anything I could find, bottles, anything I could get my hands on. At no point in time did I think I would be at this level.

“It is amazing to sit back now. I get messages all the time, not just from track athletes, from random people in life saying you have inspired me to do well, to work hard to be a doctor to do better.

“For me that is unbelievable and I am happy to inspire people.”

We asked him since his retirement if he missed competing in the sport he is renowned for and if with his retirement brought a sense of emptiness ..

“My team keeps me very busy. I’m busier now I’m retired. I travel a lot more and I’m home a lot less. I don’t get time to miss it (competing) because they keep me working, so I’m OK… for now.

“I will see what happens down the road.”

“I know I’m going to miss the competition and the crowd, because it really drives me and I enjoy it. But I have accomplished everything I wanted to do, and this is why I want to move on to something else.

“Having money’s great, but accomplishing something that you have always wanted is even better.”

So what’s next for Usain maybe a career in football and the recent speculation he may sign with Manchester

“(Laughs) There’s no such thing right now. It’s still in the early stages, still doing trials and trying to get fit; still working on a few things.

“But I am very serious about playing football and I’m putting in the work and working with Diamond (in the Diamond League), trying to figure out which direction I am going to go.

“I am not linked to Manchester, but hopefully in the future.”