We're Looking for the Gold Coast's best breakfast spot?

POLL – We’re Looking for the Gold Coast’s best breakfast?


We’re looking for the best breakfast the coast has to offer, from the surf to the hinterland; if you’ve got your favourite go-to breakfast spot, share it here. From the insta famous Acai Bowl to the renter’s dream, a serving of Smashed Avo on toast or the hangovers best friend Bacon and Eggs whatever floats your breakfast boat, we want to know…..

If you’ve entered a new venue on the list our team will approve it shortly and your vote will be counted.

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Voting is restricted to one person per day, any fraudulent voting activity may see the venue removed Voting and New Submissions are open from the 13th September until 20th of September then the top 20 will be selected for additional voting until October 1 before the winner is announced.

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